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Heavy rain and thunderstorms threaten here

Heavy rain and thunderstorms threaten here

After mixed weeks, Hoch Elfi is finally bringing the summer temperatures to Germany. But this is over again. Rain and thunderstorms return, it will be autumn.

In recent years, Germany has regularly experienced heat waves in August, but the summer of 2021 is always short. After Hoch Elfi provided temperatures in excess of 30 degrees and plenty of sun on the weekend, it will be much cooler again at the start of the new week. In addition to the return of rain and thunderstorms, the weather becomes autumnal and changeable.

T-online columnist and meteorologist Michaela Koschak will explain to you where it’s going to be really uncomfortable in the coming days using the weather maps in the video above or live over here.

Michaela Koshak He studied meteorology at FU Berlin and is known to many people from television. It’s 43 years old for Sat 1, MDR and NDR, among others weather Gifts. She is also the author of a book.

Michaela Koschak has also been a weather columnist for t-online since 2019, and regularly comments and explains weather phenomena. In addition, you take a look at current weather developments in Germany twice a week in the video.