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Heat and storms - Firefighters battle wildfires in southern Europe - News

Heat and storms – Firefighters battle wildfires in southern Europe – News

  • On Sunday, firefighters continued to fight devastating forest fires in the Italian island of Sicily and southern Turkey.
  • Many fires broke out in Greece due to drought.
  • Storms caused damage and flooding in northern Italy and Austria.

In Sicily, more than 800 firefighters continued to fight devastating bushfires on Sunday. By the afternoon, the aides had gone out to the bushfires more than 650 times, the fire brigade said. Firefighting aircraft carried out missions not only in Sicily, but also in Calabria and the Adriatic region of Puglia.

In Sicily, the large city of Catania was especially hot – holiday resorts there were also affected. Mayor Salvatore Pugliese wrote of the “completely devastated” areas in the south of the city. On Saturday, the volcano Etna at its foot erupted. The explosion began in the evening and continued into Sunday night.

Many fires broke out in Greece due to drought. State television reported that at least 16 people were treated for respiratory problems in hospitals in the Peloponnese peninsula. Several houses were destroyed near the small town of Aegion. The fires were contained on Sunday morning.

At least eight dead in Turkey

Of the more than 100 fires already in Turkey, six are still active on Sunday afternoon, Forestry Minister Bekir Pakdemirli announced. Thousands of emergency services fought against it for the fifth day in a row. On Sunday night, several villages in the Bodrum holiday district were evacuated, the mayor said. Among other things, people were transported to safety by boat across the sea. The Russian Consulate General in Antalya announced that 100 Russian tourists have been taken to safety. In Antalya province, another village was evacuated Sunday, NTV reported.

Of the more than 100 fires originally reported, six were still active on Sunday afternoon, Forestry Minister Bekir Bakdemirli announced. Fires broke out in Turkey’s southern and western provinces of Antalya and Mugla. In addition, a new fire broke out in Turkey’s eastern province of Tunceli, he said. The strong wind lit the fire repeatedly and made it difficult to put out the fire.


A firefighting plane throws water off Antalya.


According to official information, the fires have killed at least eight people so far – seven in Antalya and one in Marmaris. Hundreds were injured. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited the affected areas and reassured the victims on Saturday of quick assistance.

Save the tourists from the crowds of water

The situation in the Alpine region was completely different: in northern Italy, torrential rains, for example in South Tyrol, caused floods and fell trees. The Italian Civil Protection had previously sent a storm warning. The pre-alpine regions of northern Lombardy and around Lake Como were also particularly vulnerable.


Floods swept through the village of Ugoviza in the northern Italian Channel Valley on Saturday.


As reported by the Austrian authorities, roads in Styria were closed after the mudslides. In Lower Austria, rain, hail and wind led to floods. In Carinthia, a 47-year-old Belgian and his 16-year-old daughter were surprised by the rapid rise in masses of water in a fjord on Saturday evening. After an emergency call, the mountain rescue team found that vacationers were suffering from severe hypothermia and completely overwhelmed in the middle of the night.