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Heart Aerospace now with ES-30: Swedish electric planes are getting bigger and convincing Air Canada

Heart Aerospace now with ES-30: Swedish electric planes are getting bigger and convincing Air Canada

ES-19 becomes ES-30 with 11 more seats: The electric plane from Sweden will be larger than previously planned – and it has a new customer on board.

ES-19 – This is what the electric plane from the Swedish company Heart Aerospace should be called. It was the 19 passengers who were to be accommodated. The concept was compelling United Airlines and Mesa Airlineswhich has collectively secured 200 aircraft and options for another 100 aircraft via a letter of intent.

But now the startup has adapted the design. The Heart ES-30 aircraft, which seats up to 30 passengers, will replace the ES-19, the manufacturer announced. It has also won Air Canada and Swedish aerospace and defense group Saab as minority shareholders, each investing five million euros.

Air Canada orders 30 copies

Air Canada is also purchasing 30 models of the ES-30. United Airlines and Mesa Airlines are adapting their contracts for the new, larger version. Braathens Regional Airlines, Icelandair, SAS and New Zealand’s Sounds Air have converted ES-19 MoUs to ES-30 MOUs, according to Heart Aerospace. Swedish leasing company Rockton recently signed an announcement of 40 aircraft.

The Heart ES-30 has three seats in each row, a kitchen, and a toilet. The aircraft will also have a standby hybrid configuration consisting of two turboprops powered by sustainable aviation fuel.

Service is now scheduled to start in 2028

The aircraft will offer an electric range of up to 200 km, an extended range of up to 400 km with 30 passengers on board, and the flexibility of flying up to 800 km with 25 passengers in the ES-30, according to Heart Aerospace. New generations of batteries should increase the entire electric range in the future.

According to the manufacturer, the ES-30 is expected to enter service in 2028. For Heart Aerospace announces the launch of the ES-19 rocketIt should first take off in mid-2024 and be approved in 2026.

Located at Sav . Airport

Heart Aerospace currently employs 130 people, but intends to grow to around 500 employees by 2025. The company plans to build its offices, production and flight-test facilities at SAV Airport in Gothenburg.

In the gallery above, you can see photos of the Heart E-30 and ES-19.