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Health system in danger: Doctors flee Kosovo

The health system is in danger

Doctors flee from Kosovo

Hundreds of doctors leave Kosovo every year. Because in EU countries like Germany they have more modern facilities and they earn more. This poses a great danger to the Balkan country.

Publication date: 4:14 pm


Updated: 4:44 PM

More than 200 doctors leave Kosovo every year. Their destinations are usually European Union countries such as Germany and Austria. The main reason for this is higher wages. While in Kosovo a doctor earns the equivalent of 624 euros on average, in Germany it reaches 4,000 francs a month.

Balkan countries like Albania, Kosovo and Serbia record loudly «» Above-average migration of skilled workers. In addition to doctors, many construction workers and other craftsmen move to the European Union. For them, up to six times higher wages should be one of the main reasons.