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He speaks out about the pensioner's alleged theft

He speaks out about the pensioner's alleged theft

Stefan Mross's cheerful life has suffered a severe blow. Now the artist himself is speaking out about the pensioner's alleged theft.

This is how fans know and love Stefan Mros. – Instagram/stefan.mross

The basics in a nutshell

  • Stefan Mross under fire.
  • He is said to have robbed a retired couple.
  • Now he speaks himself on his Instagram channel.

The world of the perfect hit is beginning to falter…

Artist and presenter Stefan Mros (48) has been in the crosshairs for several days.

A retired couple from Bavaria feel betrayed by a popular ARD broadcaster. Alphonse F. claims: (75 years old) and his wife Bettina (62 years old) said that Mross concealed major defects from them when selling the house in Markt Wendorf near Passau.

In the summer of 2023, the couple spent an impressive €835,000 (827,000 Swiss francs) for the property, which was advertised as a “unique and exclusive Tuscan villa”.

But after purchasing, the dream home quickly turned into a nightmare.

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Their most serious accusation: During an inspection of the house, Stefan Mros confirmed that the solar system was working perfectly. As a result, electricity costs will not exceed 200 to 300 francs per month.

However, after they moved in, they discovered that this was not the truth.

Stefan Mros and his ex-girlfriend Anna Karina Wojciak. – Getty Images

In this difficult situation, the couple has now received support from a surprising source. Anna Karina Wojciak (31), Stefan Mros's ex-wife, is speaking out.

She lived in the controversial house until the split in November 2022 and confirms the problems. “I know nothing about the craft. “But we already had some problems with the house at that time,” she told Bild newspaper. So Mros knew of the difficulties.

What does Stefan Mros do? According to the information and photo, he is on vacation. Enjoy the sun at home despite the stress.

The musician is sailing off the Croatian coast on the yacht “Winny” with his old colleagues Marianne (71) and Michael (75). Stefan's partner Eva Loginger (36) is also there.

Stefan Mros speaks

In addition, it now seems that the artist has found the right words for the scandal himself. Morous posted a picture of himself on his Instagram page.

The 48-year-old man is smiling as usual…

“I have to get something off my chest now,” says Stefan Mross, as he begins his post.

“What do you imagine? You've been talking negatively about me for days,” says Mros, referring to Bild articles.

Stefan Mros speaks for himself. – Instagram/stefan.mross

“I accept a lot, but if I cross the line, I defend myself. Legally, too. My right, you think.”

Mross then alludes to the timing of the negative reports. Because the new season of “Always on Sundays” will start in just three weeks.

“Again three weeks before the broadcast. Like last year,” he continues to complain.

Will Stefan Mross lose his TV job?

However, his employer Always on Sundays (SWR) is watching the case with suspicion. That Moros might lose his TV job before the new season? Somewhat unlikely. However, it is conceivable that the cooperation will end after that…