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He said a lot of nonsense.  Lewandowski goes up against Bayern Munich.

He said a lot of nonsense. Lewandowski goes up against Bayern Munich.

Robert Lewandowski would have imagined leaving Bayern Munich differently.


World footballer Robert Lewandowski has once again criticized the behavior of Bayern Munich officials in the weeks leading up to his move to FC Barcelona.

This was “a lot of politics,” the Pole said in an interview with US radio station ESPN. “The club tried to find an argument about why I was sold to another club because it might have been difficult to explain to the fans. And I had to accept that, even though a lot of nonsense was said about me.”

Lewandowski was released by Bayern Munich in mid-July after weeks of back and forth. The Catalan team paid 45 million euros for the Polish international, who has a one-year contract in Munich. The change was preceded by numerous public statements from both sides. Lewandowski did not mention any specific names in his interview.

“In the end, I knew that the fans would still support me during this time,” the scorer said. On the other hand, some people “didn’t tell the truth” to him. Then he knew that was no longer possible. He didn’t want to say exactly what happened. However, it was not due to rumors about Erling Haaland moving to Bayern Munich. Then the Norwegian moved from Borussia Dortmund to Manchester City.

The world footballer said in such situations, “which is not good for me, the truth is important.” “For me, it’s always important to stay true to the truth, and for some people this has been a problem.” Overall, Lewandowski said, he had a “fantastic time” in Munich. “I had a very good relationship with my teammates, the coaching staff, the coach, and these are all things I will miss.”