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“He inspires me.” Heidi Klum and her Swiss girlfriend.

Basel designer Yannick Zamboni: I fell in love with Heidi Klum

Yannick Zamboni returns from New York Fashion Week. One day after returning to Switzerland, Blue News caught up with the designer for an interview.


Swiss designer Yannick Zamboni is a member of the German Next Top Model jury. Now Heidi Klum praises him in an interview and reveals: “He’s looking for a nice place with a view of the Matterhorn.”

the Textile Museum St. Gallen Since this week, “100 Shades of White” has been featured. Color in Fashion » The darker side of white.

The oldest piece of clothing that can be seen dates from after 1800, and is an empire dress made of thin gauze.

The smaller gallery was designed by Swiss fashion designer Yannick Zamboni. Eye-catching short dress. The designer describes it as a deconstructed trench coat. Anything but monotony.

Zamboni wins one million dollars

The past twelve months for Yannik Zamboni have been nothing but monotonous.

The 36-year-old grew up in a village of 800 in Böckten BL. Today he works in his studio in Zurich on his trademark creations Blanche House.

Zamboni produces fashion that does not want to conform to the norm.

The trench coat, now a museum, was the design for the reality fashion show Making the Cut, hosted by Heidi Klum and fashion consultant and TV personality Tim Gunn.

Heidi Klum wears a trench coat dress by Yannick Zamboni on the red carpet at the 2022 People’s Choice Awards.


The fact that Zamboni emerged as a “Making the Cut” winner last September and subsequently won a deal with Amazon and a million dollars has a lot to do with the German model.

The 49-year-old won for his designs that “don’t conform to gender stereotypes,” and the idea of ​​sustainability. Heidi Klum wants to continue supporting Zamboni. She even got it this week on the jury of her TV show Germany’s Next Top Model.

“It inspires me. jewel”

“I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a lot of people over the course of my career. But he has just something special about him,” enthuses Klum in an interview with “Scenery”. “We became good friends. inspires me. jewel.”

Klum and Zamboni are said to have had some “deep discussions.” The duo went to different places together Fashion events in Los Angeles.

The German model also wore a green and white Zamboni trench coat dress on the red carpet at the People’s Choice Awards last year.

Still More costumes from Zamboni It can be seen on Thursdays, 8:15 p.m. on the ProSieben channel. Next, the Swiss designer will be a guest judge on “Germany’s Next Top Model.” Zamboni has two other jobs: he dresses the candidates for the crucial walks and he completes podium training with them.

In concrete terms, this means that participants have to demonstrate a new running behavior. According to Klum, Zamboni “wanted the models to walk with a strong attitude and demeanor”. The goal is for them to be able to discover a different personality in themselves.

By the way, if Heidi Klum is all right, the wife of “Tokyo Hotel” musician Tom Kaulitz will not only be seen in Los Angeles with Yannick Zamboni, but possibly in Switzerland as well.

“Yannick is looking for a nice place with a view of the Matterhorn,” Klum reveals in Blake. “So please keep your fingers crossed so I can be in Switzerland more often.”

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