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Hazel Bruger feels 'empty inside and out'

Hazel Bruger feels ’empty inside and out’

Hazel Brugger, here at the 2020 Swiss Music Awards, doesn’t want to be on the road as much in the future.

Corner stone

Hazel Brugger is a comedian, presenter, and producer – all very successful. Now the busy schedule has become too much for her. She announced with her husband, Thomas Spitzer, that she would make things a little easier in the future.

Fans of Hazel Brugger and Thomas Spitzer will have to prepare for a little less content in the future. The comedian couple announced this in an email to their fans on Patreon, in which Daily Gazette Quoted.

“Hazel hit the wall ‘about six weeks ago,'” the message reads. Brugger “simply couldn’t stand it anymore and felt empty inside and out.”

Patreon is a platform where fans pay a monthly fee for exclusive content from artists. Bruger and Spitzer managed to amass about 2,000 followers there. For now, however, they want to stop there with new content. Because Thomas Spitzer has also had health problems for a year.

Fewer appearances until 2023

It is also said that the successful YouTube channel of the couple has been taken down. Tours and shows are particularly stressful for a couple. So they want to be less on stage by 2023.

However, the couple advised “not to reduce from 100 to 0 immediately, but to continue to work a little.” That’s why they will continue to format the Spotify “Just Married” podcast as usual. with your daughter who was born about a year ago, The couple should have enough to do at the moment.