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“Havana Syndrome” near the White House – USA is investigating the disease

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The United States is investigating the Havana Syndrome near the White House

Lawn near the White House, Marine One embarks with US President Biden.  An incident is also said to have taken place here

Lawn near the White House, Marine One embarks with US President Biden. An incident is also said to have taken place here


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Nausea, headache, dizziness: More than a dozen U.S. diplomats have been complaining about complaints since 2016, and the trigger is not clear. Many cases took place in Cuba – but now the disease is at the center of American politics.

D.He said “Havana Syndrome” is a term used to describe a disease that has not yet been clarified: between 2016 and 2017, more than 40 ambassadors and other US diplomatic staff complained of nausea, headaches, and dizziness. And indescribable appearance of other symptoms.

U.S. staff in Cuba worked at the U.S. embassy in Havana, but U.S. staff in Guangzhou (China) were also hard hit. There were speculations about a variety of reasons – the study of attacks with radio or ultrasound being particularly popular – and whether there were hostile forces behind the attacks. Now the case is taking a new turn: for the first time, lawsuits have taken place not only in the United States, but everywhere, directly in the power center of the United States.

CNN reports two suspicious cases

First report on this Sender CNNWho wants to know about two incidents. One happened in 2020 near the White House. The victim suddenly had health problems near what is called the ellipse – a large oval lawn that borders the White House’s southern lawn. The area is part of a park that is open to the public. This is where the US President’s helicopter Marine One lands and takes off again.

In the other case, a presidential delegation in the state of Virginia in 2019 is not far from the capital, Washington. A White House employee walks with his dog in Arlington (a suburb of Washington, D.C.) in the fall or winter of 2019.

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She also complained of sudden, unexplained health problems. For both individuals, the report said the symptoms were reminiscent of “Havana Syndrome”.

In late 2020, the National Academy of Sciences hosted events on behalf of the U.S. government Re-examined. In the final statement Among other things, the study suggests that microwave radiation may trigger complaints. However, one comes to the conclusion that this phenomenon cannot be clarified at this time – the complaints and the affected persons are very different, and the data situation is very erroneous.

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However, there were no long-term effects, and according to the researchers, some of the victims were able to be examined individually. Whether the attacks were targeted – researchers could not say who was behind them. According to media reports, Russia, China and Cuba are being traded as potential suspects in the US defense establishment.