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Der Platz vier der Tennisanlage des TC Grün-Weiß Hausen soll zu einer Padel-Anlage umgebaut werden. Foto: Christoph Schennen

Hausen im Wiesental: The municipal council grants a subsidy to the Badel Court – Hausen im Wiesental

Padel, a combination of tennis and squash, is a popular sport, says Seipolt. “To be able to play tennis reasonably, you have to take three years of coaching lessons. Padel is easier to play than tennis and can be learned almost without coaching lessons.”

The tennis club reacts to the loss of members by offering the exchange. The club currently has 110 members. “That’s half of what we had ten years ago,” regrets Sibolt, who is also the second union president. Although the club alone has 45 youths under the age of 15, the club’s four tennis courts are rarely used. In order to make the club more attractive again, a change must be made.

His son Daniel stressed at the municipal council meeting the possibility of using the offer by non-members.

District office approval is required

Mayor Martin Buehler explained the costs of the project. The total cost is 56000 euros. If you subtract the support from the sports federation, you will get a qualifying stipend of 45,500 euros.

This value is important because municipal association funding guidelines state that a municipal benefit “generally may not exceed 20 percent of eligible expenditures.” Accordingly, the municipality subsidizes the space with 9,100 euros. The association’s contribution is 10,000 euros.

When granting investment support, Mayor Buehler invoked the support provided by the municipality twelve years earlier, which made it possible to build the fourth block ever. This amounted to 5,500 euros at the time.

The club is now hoping that the Padel facility will be approved by the Lörrach County Office. The authority notes that the factory is located abroad. Approval requires a statement from the environment department, which the association has now been waiting for longer than planned.