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Hasbro now also wants to develop its own video games

Hasbro now also wants to develop its own video games

American game manufacturer Hasbro now also wants to enter the digital world and launch its own game.

The basics in brief

  • Big American game maker Hasbro wants to develop its own games.
  • This could lead to the creation of new video games based on GI Joe, Transformers, and Micronauts.

Hasbro is a huge toy manufacturer from the United States. The company is famous for its classic board games like monopolyand Game of Life, Risk, and Cluedo. But the group now wants too In the world of digital games Engagement: The group is in the process of opening a new game studio, “ComputerBild” wrote.

The goal is to develop your own video games. The game manufacturer benefits from already holding licenses from major game brands. Accordingly, there could soon be their own digital games for Transformers, Power Rangers and Co.

Hasbro focuses equally on gaming for PC and consoles. First of all, a game will be created for the “GI Joe” action figure series. After that, the development can New Transformers Games and a Micronauts-branded video game.