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Harry suffered massive panic attacks and tension in his UN speech

Panic attacks and extreme stress

This is why Prince Harry sounded “rude” in his speech at the United Nations

Prince Harry looked exhausted and almost rude at the United Nations Assembly in New York. The body language expert now wants to know what was really going on in the royal family.

It was meant to be his big performance: Prince Harry, 37, gave a speech at the UN’s “Nelson Mandela Day” in New York in honor of the great freedom fighter and former South African President Nelson Mandela (1918-2013).

Rhetoric as such was not really well received. Megan McCain, a columnist for Britain’s Daily Mail, summed it up: “Harry’s speech should have been a tribute to this great man, instead talking about America in disarray. He offers no solutions. He gives a speech and then gets back on his private plane. to return to his mansion in California.”