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Harry is supposed to be traveling home due to health concerns

Harry is supposed to be traveling home due to health concerns

Queen Elizabeth II’s health is a major concern for fans of the royal family. Now they are begging their grandson Prince Harry: Travel to England!

The basics in brief

  • The Queen’s health makes headlines.
  • Harry heard about it too and panicked.
  • Royal fans want the defector to fly home.

Royal fans are very worried!

Queen Elizabeth Second: (95) He recently had to spend one night in the hospital. Since then, she has missed several appointments. Also from the next Climate Summit in Glasgow Words I did not said.

How bad is that for them monarch health Actually standing is not clear. But her followers are very worried and are now demanding: Prince Harry (37 years old) should travel to England as soon as possible!

“I really hope Harry flies to his grandmother. She’s getting older. He regrets it” one writes Twitter-user.

Prince Harry in ‘panic’

In fact, the redhead “panicked” when he did From hospital stay The Queen found out. “He felt helpless and was calling her the whole time,” a source reveals to Us Weekly.

from Jeddah Prinz Philip (99) He can no longer say goodbye. He regrets it to this day, according to the anonymous source. He would never forgive himself if the same thing happened to his beloved grandmother.

Should Harry travel to England now?

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