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Harry and Meghan's ex-employees report strict rules

Harry and Meghan’s ex-employees report strict rules

Working for Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan should be just a bed of roses. Former employees have spoken about their time with the royal family – and they haven’t painted a good picture.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s villa in Montecito, California looks like heaven. But for their employees, it is said that time spent in the luxury villa was like hell.

At least that’s what several anonymous employees who spoke to the American “Star” magazine said. “I will never work for her again for a million dollars,” is one of the devastating sentences.

Strict rules must be applied for dealing with the royal couple. “Small talk or eye contact with gentlemen is prohibited as an employee,” the source reveals. “You shouldn’t talk to them unless they talk to you first.”

Half-eaten sandwiches and dirty dishes

Harry and Meghan are said to have given the staff a lot of work with their different personalities. Harry is said to be a mess all the time and he is said to have left dirty plates and half-eaten sandwiches all over the house.

Meghan is completely different: The Duchess’s sense of order is so obvious that her staff should hardly be able to keep up. Inside: “The mugs in the kitchen cabinets should be lined up a certain distance and everything should be sorted by color. If something is out of line, they’ll rush you.” This should happen even with small details, for example if the pen is lying without a cap.

This isn’t the first time Harry and Meghan’s chef qualities have made headlines. In March 2021, the British newspaper The Times published allegations publicly by several palace employees who had worked with the couple during their time in England. Meghan is said to have “fired personal aides from the royal family and undermined the trust of a third employee”. Even her behavior was called bullying.

The palace announced at the time that it wanted to investigate the allegations through an independent investigation. Duchess Meghan has always denied that she is bullying staff.