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'Harold & Kumar' star Kal Ben, is engaged to a man

‘Harold & Kumar’ star Kal Ben, is engaged to a man

Both in the fantastic comedy “Harold & Kumar”, as Dr. Lawrence Kuttner in the movie Dr. Home » Or as a White House employee under Barack Obama – Cal Penn, 44, has been in public for more than 20 years. What’s even more surprising now is the reveal of the actor in his autobiography “You Can’t Be Serious.” The Hollywood star has come out as gay. He lived with his partner Josh for eleven years and the couple were engaged.

The actor writes in his book that his friends and family have known about his homosexual relationship since 2010, but have never gone out of it: “I have been so supported by everyone, and therefore I feel very lucky.” Ben reveals that he didn’t realize he was gay until relatively late in his life: “Everyone finds out their own foolishness at different stages of life. I’m glad I checked it out.”