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Hannelore washes Hino’s head

Hannelore washes Hino’s head

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Lisa Klemp is currently causing a stir at Bauer sucht Frau International. Nor does one famous lady seem to be a big fan of the hairstylist: Hino Hannelore’s wife.

Colonia / Argentina – Excellence at all costs – this is perhaps the motto of candidate Lisa Klemp “Bauer sucht Frau International” (31). In Argentina, it caused a stir on the estate of winemaker Ezequiel.

Lisa comes to the farm in high heels “Farmer looking for a woman”

The 31-year-old danced in high heels on the first day of the “Bauer sucht Frau International”. While the farmer seemed excited about it, opinions about Klemp on the net are divided. After all, I’ve been naked before BTS in the form of “Adam Suit Eva.” And Hannelore, 80, wife to hit star Hino, 84, isn’t particularly enthusiastic about Climb’s abrasive nature.

Because Lisa Klemp is a trained hairstylist and stars in the music video for Hino’s “10 Naked Hairstylists” cover (originally: Mickey Krause, 52), which was posted a few weeks ago. Along with other professionals, she dances and poses in skimpy underwear — the 84-year-old blond boy is in the middle of the action.

Hannelore “washes his head” for Hino’s music video with Lisa Climb

Hannelore had something to complain about in this procedure. “When Hino told me he wanted to sing a song about ten naked hairdressers, I was horrified and asked him if he had lost his mind. How did he come up with such ideas at his age?”, she told in April.

Lisa Climb is currently causing a stir
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Hino also hid from his wife that he would be dancing with scantily clad young women in the music video. “So I washed Hino’s head well, but he remained stubborn as always and only smiled to himself,” said the annoyed 80-year-old.

Hino reacted more than calmly to the quarrel between the couple: “Hannilor will calm down again. She really doesn’t need to be jealous. All the girls were very nice, but I only have eyes for Hannelore.

“Bauer sucht Frau” presenter Inka Bause shared a sweet photo of her two four-legged friends with her Instagram followers. Sources used: Build