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Handball: The battle for second place now begins

Handball: The battle for second place now begins

Handball, South Baden League: TV Ehingen-TuS Schutterwald 22:29 (12:16). – Everything has been done to celebrate the wonderful handball festival. However, in the end, only the guests from Schutterwald celebrated. The Red Devils from Ortenau celebrated five games before the end of the season in front of the eyes of the U-23 national team coach Martin Heuberger as he was never in danger in the early 29:22 championship and returned to the Baden-Württemberg Oberliga with almost 50 fans. Travel with them. Players from TV Ehingen, who did not live up to their expectations for almost the entire match, were left with the turn of the spectators and the realization that they might have been able to beat their opponents on a good day.

Everything went according to plan for TV Ehingen until the seventh minute. Hegauer led, but then bugs crept into the game structure and completion percentage left much to be desired. The visitors turned the game around and have dominated it ever since. As the match progressed, the hosts became more and more uncertain. “You can see the players hanging their heads,” said TV coach Lukas Stodtko, seeing the impending disaster. “We didn’t think we could win this game 100%.” In the dressing room with reassurance 16:12.

The passion was missing

After the restart, nearly 500 spectators in the jam-packed Eugen-Schädler-Halle saw the same picture. Host failure to reduce the error rate. Again and again, Ehinger ran into TuS’s compact and aggressive defense. If there was a chance of qualifying, Leon Sek was also present at the goal. But Ehingen TV never gave up and fought against the impending defeat. When Alexander Hansel scored in the 53rd minute to make it 21:25, there was hope. Schutterwald boss Marcus Laess took a time out.

However, three missed chances by Inger and four successful attacks by the Red Devils meant 21:29 and thus the decision. Julian Koechler’s goal at 22:29 was a small cosmetic result. “You can only win a game like this with sheer passion and the necessary aggressiveness. Unfortunately we lost that day,” said the frustrated Lukas Stodtko. “We played well in defense, but Schutterwald won the goalkeeper duel. The matches were won mainly in defense and unfortunately we lost that day.

Focus on Sinsheim

The Ehinger coach is already looking for the next meeting at BSV Phönix Sinzheim. “We need to clear our heads now and focus on this important match. Now we want to defend the second place in the table,” said Lukas Stodtko. (JS)

Engine TV: Beck, T.; köchler (tor); Hohlwegler, Dannenmayer, J. Küchler (4), Sauter (1), Duffner (6/3), Schmidt (2), Plesse (3), Held, Hosu, Komin (2), Hänsel (4). – Z: 500