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Hamburg in last place in vaccination

Hamburg in last place in vaccination

When comparing the vaccination doses provided per 100 inhabitants, Hamburg ranks last after all other federal states. Mayor Peter Chencher (SPD) said this week that remedial deliveries of a vaccine have not yet arrived. The opposition is now applying pressure.

Meanwhile, Hamburg isn’t just lagging behind when it comes to vaccination doses. According to the Robert Koch Institute in Hamburg, 44.1 percent of the total population has been vaccinated once. This puts Hamburg in the penultimate place. And so it continues. Full vaccination: the third from the last place. Vaccination doses: the penultimate place.

Hamburg: When vaccination in the national comparison behind

“We are not there yet. We need a higher vaccination rate until the end result of the epidemic,” Tschentscher said on Tuesday at Town Hall. The full vaccine that comes to Hamburg will also be vaccinated. The compensatory deliveries announced by the federal government should not have arrived distance.

The opposition is putting pressure on the bad statistics. “The SPD, which is pointing your finger at others, is always ahead,” says Dennis Tring, leader of the CDU’s parliamentary group. “But when it comes to vaccination, Hamburg is now at the bottom of all the federal states, and Mayor Tschentscher is just watching.”

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It should be possible that Tschentscher and his “SPD friend, Federal Vaccination Commissioner Christoph Krupp” could get better care for Hamburg. “The bottom of the table should not be Hamburg’s claim,” said Tering. (Abu)