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Halo TV for Paramount Plus Gets Trailer

Halo TV for Paramount Plus Gets Trailer

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(Pocket-lint) Finally, there’s the trailer for the highly anticipated Halo TV series, which was first announced three years ago.

Revealed during Microsoft’s 20th anniversary Xbox event, it’s the first look at the live TV adaptation of Paramount+. The teaser is incredibly short and contains only close-ups of the Master Chief, played by American Gods Pablo Schreiber and his armor Mjolnir.

We also hear Jane Taylor say, again from the games, “Hi, Master Chef.”

The show is set to debut on streaming service ViacomCBS sometime in 2022. Got It was first announced as a Showtime series in 2018, Before several COVID-19-related production delays occurred. It remains unclear what the premise is, other than that the show is based on the science fiction franchise. Will it tell a new story, will it be a direct adaptation of the games, or will it be about something else in the Halo Universe?

Hopefully Paramount+ will have more to announce and possibly more to show in the coming months. Currently, only IMDb’s Minutes Line reveals: “Aliens threaten human existence in an epic showdown in the 26th century. TV series based on the video game Halo.”

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