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Halo Infinite has a trick that currently allows you to keep split-screen mode on

Halo Infinite has a trick that currently allows you to keep split-screen mode on

Halo Infinite will offer a co-op mode in the future, but it won’t work across split screen.

Developer 343 Industries announced last week that the planned split-screen cooperative mode infinite aura More won’t come, for many tall faces. Because although co-op is now more and more online, split-screen has a certain legacy, especially in the Halo series, which should also be addressed again in Infinite.

It’s curious that split-screen mode is already or still is in the game – and can actually be played with a little trickery. At least that’s what Twitter users think Zeny_IC I found out, and the first video instructions from other users like Halo Création are already available.

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Here’s how to play Halo Infinite in split-screen co-op

Basically, the collaborative split screen system works through a menu glitch where you have to follow the following steps as per the above sources:

  • Select the Halo Infinite campaign menu and load a save.
  • select “run”
  • As soon as the inscription “Load map” appears, open your friends list and join anyone in the lists.
  • You can then leave your fire team.
  • Create a custom lobby and select “Offline” in the server options
  • Now it is possible to connect more profiles and consoles.
  • The collaborative split screen starts when you press Play.

This would make it possible to tackle the Halo Infinite campaign with up to three other players. While it’s clear that accessing this is not intended by the development team, the intricacies appear to be limited according to Halo Creation. At least there were no issues with the AI ​​or crash scenes.

Important: as such Binary G bullshit He writes on Twitter, the bug should be restarted after the end of the session. This will ensure that you go back to the save you were using before you used the bug for the first time. If you don’t, your save file will be overwritten if you then select a task again in normal mode!

By the way, some Halo fans have teamed up for an ambitious mod project. You can find all about Halo Reborn here:

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343 industries are likely to be corrected soon

Since split-screen integration is an incomplete feature as it gets, we believe it’s not appropriate to actually play through the entire Halo Infinite campaign. It can still be fun for some split-screen tweaks.

However, you should be quick if you still want to try out the split screen mode. Because it probably won’t be long before 343 Industries makes access impossible with the patch. It certainly wouldn’t escape the studio’s attention that there was a backdoor to try out the now-published mode after all.

After a long delay, Halo Infinite was released in December 2021 for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. The multiplayer game is currently in its second season, and there have already been tests for online collaboration. This will still make its way into the game, but we will likely have to dispense with split-screen co-op play altogether in the future.

Are you ready to take such a turn for split screen co-op?