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Half-naked headstand: This bizarre morning ritual keeps King Charles fit for the day

Half-naked headstand: This bizarre morning ritual keeps King Charles fit for the day

To help Charles get moving quickly in the morning, the royal has adopted an unusual routine – cycling isn’t one of them.


Start your day with energy and energy – who doesn’t want that? In order to regain his fitness more quickly in the morning, King Charles III. He adopted some unusual measures.

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  • King Charles III has his own morning ritual so that he can move on more quickly.
  • While our individual would normally wake up to his alarm clock ringing, the British monarch lets himself be woken up by his alarm clock ringing. Bagpipe sounds Get out of bed.
  • In addition to music and a balanced breakfast, Charles also attaches great importance to another morning ritual: the half-naked handstand.

As a butler serving the British Royal Family, you often experience the daily life of the Royal Family up close.

In the Amazon movie “Serving the Royals: Inside the Company” Former palace employee Paul Burrell reveals the strict morning rituals to which King Charles places importance:

“His pajamas are ironed every morning, and his shoelaces are ironed.”

Does Charles sometimes offer coffee or a cup of tea to his wife Camilla in bed as a personal token of love before an ironing service? Nothing is known about this.

King Charles III can be woken up by bagpipe music

But what is known is how Wake up the king Allowed. Charles doesn’t set an alarm, but he lets himself wake up to bagpipe music. It is a tradition that the 74-year-old inherited from his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Pipe major Paul Burns is in charge of the bagpipe wake service. He alone should be allowed to wake His Majesty – in every residence where the King spends the night.

Charles is hanging on the pole like an acrobat

In addition to the sounds of bagpipes, the ironing service and a balanced breakfast, King Charles also attaches great importance to other morning rituals.

At least that’s what he did when he was still Prince of Wales He was, as his youngest son Harry revealed in his memoir Spare Parts. His father played polo for years and therefore suffered from severe back and neck pain.

That’s why he poses “half naked” every day. “These exercises were the only effective treatment for the persistent pain in Pa’s neck and back,” Spare said.

“He did this every day, wearing only his underpants, leaning against the door or hanging from a pole like an acrobat.”

Muesli with “bird food”

It is also known what King Charles likes to eat most for breakfast: muesli with “bird food”. According to author and royal expert Tina Brown, this is what he calls the flaxseeds he likes to sprinkle on his breakfast.

Fruit should also not be absent from the royal breakfast table – the king prefers to eat two plums, served in a cup with a little juice.

It is said that Charles leaves nothing to chance, even when he is on the road. That’s why he always travels with a breakfast bag containing his favorite dried fruits and six types of honey.

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