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Hakabé Photo Series: Now save some space here, you bird!

The seven cranes in flight look like a scene from a fairy tale; the crows are almost unreal in the snow flurry; A flock of crows tense up in anticipation of a hawk attack – and artistically displayed, along with nearly a dozen other figures, these images show just how capturing nature can be. “Outside – black on white” is what Frank Breh calls his gallery in My story– An exhibition of photographs in Neubrandenburg, in the side hall of the House of Culture and Education, which is dedicated to exceptional photographic manuscripts.

Brehe cultivates this in an impressive way with his photo effect, which focuses on graphic structures. In his main job as managing director of the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund in Seenplatte, responsible for around 180 employees from day-care centers to social initiatives such as a clothing store or meeting place in the area, his passion in his spare time has been photography for many years away from the hustle and bustle of man . contrast? “Many people have hobbies that have nothing to do with their work at all. Some run, some travel, some watch TV,” says the 50-year-old. He is drawn to experiencing nature and especially the bird life in the area.

It is better not to tell anyone about your favorite places

What he can put to good use in Two Worlds is patience and perseverance. In dealing with people as well as in searching for the exceptional moment. “It’s not made to order,” Brehe knows. An acquaintance once told him: “Motivation comes from motivation.” Of course, an experienced nature lover knows many places that have been marked in advance. “But in order to take a good photo, you have to be there over and over again.” Brehi stresses that animals in their environment should not be disturbed for the sake of the matter. Don’t tell anyone about some of your favorite hidden places, lest they get crowded soon.

Weather-resistant clothing and mosquito repellent are part of the essential equipment for nature photographers, who aren’t intrigued by summer and blue skies. He is much more interested in the charm of supposedly unwonderful things in the mist, in the snow, or in the reeds, whose superficial monotony can be staged in an exciting fashion.

When exploring creative possibilities, the transience of digital photography proves beneficial: “I can cut out anything that isn’t good. And think about what I could do differently to make it good,” he says. Traditional film allows for far fewer experiences.

The exhibition runs at HKB until March

He admired the work of the Neuendorf nature photographer Sandra Bartocha, who continues to develop new perspectives, and the Norwegian Mats Andersson. Photographer Stephen Butcher’s art books have been useful to him. However, Brehi has long been involved with publications such as “Abenteuer Naturfotografie”, most recently “Schilfland”, which appeared in 2018, or with articles in the “Forum Naturfotografie”. In general, it is important for him not to let the best results of his hobby “rot on the hard drive.”

The Neubrandenburg fair can be experienced until March 3rd, Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm, Saturday from 10am to 4pm and during events at the HKB. More photos of the photographer he also posted Instagram.