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Haitian president reiterates call for dialogue – Brenza Latin

Since the beginning of February, the president has faced anti-government protests calling for him to step down from the National Palace.

As Moss reveals in a series of messages on social networking site Twitter, the community is being pushed to the brink and it is time to find an integrated solution that will lead the country to a prosperous and peaceful future.

“Bringing us together is so much higher than dividing us,” the president wrote, lamenting that the dialogue was always being pushed into the background and structural challenges were accumulating.

“We will ensure tomorrow that we find a consensus way to resolve our differences in the best interests of the country,” he later said, and reiterated his criticism of a “corrupt oligarchy” that benefits from an insecure climate.

Moss reaffirmed his commitment to fight kidnapping and eradicate evil, but stressed that the country’s forces must unite to overcome the problem.

‘Let’s give up extreme positions and go the other way. To save Haiti. To prevent the degeneration of our society, ‘he said.

However, demands for the resignation of the country’s leader are on the rise, accusing them of corruption, mismanagement and alliances that damage the country’s interests.

“Today this government is in a very bad economic situation and with all the hallmarks of a dictatorial model,” historian and human rights activist Susie Custer told Princa Latina.

Last month, thousands of people took to the streets of the country to protest against a new dictatorship promoted by the current president. In their claims they call on the international community to withdraw support for Moss and argue for an interim government to restructure the country’s key institutions.

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