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Hair loss and UV rays: That’s why you should change your parting regularly

The hairdresser explained

Pay attention – you don’t always have to wear your parting the same way

Humans are creatures of habits. When it comes to the crown of your head, you should definitely step out of your comfort zone every so often—otherwise, it will be dangerous for your hair.


Is a side parting part of your program? Every now and then you have to get out of your comfort zone.

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Whether it’s center or side parting, left or right: after you’ve done it once Found a preferred summit siteOne often stays with it for a long time until the hair returns to normal. Sound familiar? Then it’s time to change something: Changing the parting from time to time not only provides a breath of fresh air. It is also beneficial for the health of your hair. Simone Reglico, business owner and hairstylist at Zurich Hair Salon liquidknows why.

Simone Rigliaco is the business owner and hairstylist at the Zurich hair salon Liquid.

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environmental aging

“If the parting in the middle, for example, is your defining characteristic, it is always in the middle for you. scalp, and adverse environmental influences And it is exposed to ultraviolet radiation.” “Therefore, I advise my clients to change from time to time and easily deal with the parting.” Through constant exposure The scalp suffers the most of groups and remaining ages faster. If you have long or thick hair, here’s another thing: “Constantly pulling in the same direction can cause the parting to widen over time and the hair to thin out at this point.”

Free radicals can also penetrate the hair roots over the years and cause additional scalp problems. A burden that can get in the way of beautiful hair.

Larger than the extra size

So it’s a good idea to switch from a center part to a side part for the sake of your hair. but that is not all. Rigliaco knows: “Once the hair gets used to its standard position, it falls in the right direction and becomes flatter and flatter. When combed to the other side, they automatically stand up and Provides more volume, without wasting time drying hair. »

How often should you switch?

One thing remains to be clear: How often does change have to happen for it to be effective? If you like to switch a little to the left or just the right, you should do a tail comb once a week. If you’re more radical—that is, from a center to a deep side parting or vice versa—the change is also less frequent. However, the expert warns: “Especially on sunny days Not without sun protection on the crown. » If this is not an option for you, then a hat or hat should be your best companions – sunburn does not stop even when you change parting.

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