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Recompile (Action-Adventure) von Dear Villagers

Hacking Adventure will appear in August

Phigames and Dear Villagers have a new trailer too Retranslate It was released and confirmed that the hacking adventure will be released in August for PC (Steam), PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X (also on Xbox Game Pass).

Description of the game manufacturer: “Reassemble challenges for players with intense skirmishes, precise 3D platforming, super skills and physics-based hacking puzzles where anything can be hacked, including the opponent. Obstacles in the game world include smart opponents and circuit puzzles both of which challenge players to master special skills such as Time manipulation and jetpack.”

The adventure also offers a branching story system, which is unique to the Metroidvania genre. It uses a dynamic narrative system and depending on how the player acts, the game world changes and also introduces different endings to the game. Dark Science Fiction – History covers topics such as the sensitivity of machines and what constitutes reality and what He really means it. Players take on the role of a flawed piece of code that shows the beginnings of sensations in itself, but is trapped in the mainframe. The mainframe is a digital wasteland unauthorized by anyone who wants to delete visitors.”

“We’re right at home with Recompile! I’m so proud that we were finally able to show off the new generation versions of the game with a guest song from 65daysofstatic”, sagt Recompile Director Phi Dinh. “I can’t wait to see how players use the game’s hacking mechanics on Recompile’s main machine.”

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