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Hackers threaten to release medical records of hundreds of celebrities in Australia

After a massive hacker attack in Australia, the perpetrator or perpetrators threatened to release the medical data of around a thousand celebrities.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • Government calls cyber attack on health insurer Medibank a “wake-up call”.

Medibank, one of the country’s largest private health insurers, said on Thursday that 200 gigabytes of data were stolen during the attack. Now the criminal or criminals threatened to release the data of a thousand well-known people if Medibank did not pay the required amount.

“The offender provided a sample of 100 files,” Medibank said in a statement to the Australian Stock Exchange. The stolen data included information about where patients received medical care and the codes used for diagnoses and treatments. Hacker attack halts trading in Medibank shares

Last month, Australian telecommunications group Optus was hacked. Personal data was stolen from about nine million Australians, almost a third of the population. The hacking attack on Australia’s second largest mobile operator was one of the biggest cyberattacks in the country’s history.

Home Secretary Clare O’Neill told ABC radio on Thursday that Australia’s cyber security can no longer be taken for granted. Instead, the hacker attacks on Optus and Medibank were “a clear wake-up call to the country”. “This is a new world we live in. We’re going to continue to be cyberattacked, basically from now on,” O’Neill added.

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