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computer games:Hackers steal FIFA source code

Hackers stole the DNA of one of its most important products from the computer game company Electronic Arts (EA). EA confirmed the Motherboard report after the attackers obtained the source code for the Fifa 2021 soccer simulation. The software’s source code describes all of its technical details in a form that people can read. Companies often keep their source code secret so that outsiders can’t understand exactly how the software works and how safe it is for its users.

According to EA, other software has also been copied without permission. At least 780 gigabytes were stolen, anonymous people said in an online hacker forum. They offered the data for sale, claiming that the code could “unpack all EA services”. According to EA, neither company nor player data are at risk. Security measures have been increased.

A new Fifa game appears every year. Games from the FIFA franchise have been sold hundreds of thousands of times since the 1990s.