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Hackers steal $200 million in cryptocurrency

Hackers steal $200 million in cryptocurrency

06.12.2021, 16:3806.12.2021, 16:43

According to the estimation of security experts, cybercriminals own the equivalent of about 200 million US dollars in cryptoburrs Bitmart capturing. The hackers were in possession of the stolen digital key of the so-called hot wallet.

Company founder Sheldon Shea shared this on Monday Twitter With. Hot Wallet is a software wallet for Cryptocurrency Like bitcoin connected to the internet.

After the hack, Bitmart temporarily suspended all withdrawals until further notice. The company initially estimated the damage at US$150 million (about €132.7 million) in an initial notification.

PeckShield reported an intrusion

Intruders fell into it coup Blockchain security firm PeckShield announced on Twitter that digital currencies were in their hands based on the Ethereum and Binance chains. PeckShield also discovered and reported the intrusion on Sunday.

The head of the company, Xia, wrote that in response to this incident, Bitmart conducted an initial security review and identified the affected assets. “This security breach was primarily caused by the theft of a private key which led to the hacking of two of our hot wallets. Other assets with Bitmart are safe and sound.”

Shea said Bitmart plans to compensate users out of pocket. He said the exchange would announce a timetable for gradually resuming deposits and withdrawals, adding that he was “confident” that it would resume on Tuesday.


Bitcoin and Co.: This Happens on the Crypto Forums on Reddit


Bitcoin and Co.: This Happens on the Crypto Forums on Reddit

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