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tesla fsd beta 8.2 ukraine test

Hackers are testing FSD beta in Europe, Tesla must prepare for official launch >

If you consider that Tesla does not yet have a branch nor a supercharger in Ukraine, there is a remarkably lively scene around the company in the country. even take one A group of local Tesla drivers posted a video in mid-2019 I asked Elon Musk to make a supercharger – the CEO agreed, but he hasn’t done it yet. Obviously, without his help, hackers in the country have now also acquired Tesla software that many thought did not even exist outside the US: the FSD pilot version of the autopilot system.

Model 3 with FSD-Beta in Kiev

IT expert greentheonly, who himself comes from the region and now works in the US, distributed this information almost casually over the weekend. He wrote that anyone who is interested in how the FSD works without accurate maps can now see it in a video from Ukraine. He did not reveal how the youngsters in it got their Tesla beta software – what should have been official channels. This should be version 8.2. It was brought back by beta testers in the USA in March and is now using FSD 9.2.

The FSD video posted now by Doctor Elon’s YouTube channel is similar to the posts that Tesla customers regularly post as official testers in the USA. The Model 3 is given a destination and is then supposed to route its way there through Kiev’s night traffic. As in the American videos, this sometimes works fine, but the driver has to intervene more than he is used to from there even with the 8.2.


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According to greentheonly, this is mainly due to the fact that Tesla does not yet have detailed maps of Ukraine. On the other hand, the new autopilot system must be aware of European traffic rules and signals. And he had another interesting piece of information in this vein: Tesla is already testing and training its future pilot program for autonomous driving in the European Union. Nothing is known about this just because the testers working here have signed up not to disclose anything about it.

Tesla will test Europe in parallel

The revelation of the hack is likely to be good news, especially for European customers who, confident that it will be implemented soon, have bought the option for currently €7,500, which Tesla in Germany describes as “full autonomous driving capabilities” (unofficially) usually called It also has FSD only). Because even realizing this potential in the United States is getting more and more delayed. Originally Beta testing extended to all interested Tesla drivers out there in April The CEO, Musk recently announced this for the month of September. In other countries, the beta program should not start until then. But it seems that Musk only meant the public part of it, because according to greentheonly, Tesla runs FSD development for the US and other regions in parallel.