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Hacker group Lapsus $: Seven youths arrested in UK

Hacker group Lapsus $: Seven youths arrested in UK

British police have arrested seven teenagers and teenagers between the ages of 16 and 21 on suspicion of having links with the Lapsus $ hacker group. The BBC reports that a 16-year-old boy from Oxford has been accused of being the leader of a group. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Bloomberg said Wednesday that rival hackers had previously leaked his name, home address and other personal information. According to reports, intelligence officials have been following him for a year. Because the boy was autistic and sometimes very fast, you thought you were seeing an automatic process. He is said to be behind some Lapsus $ hacks, but not all of them can be linked.

After the hacker’s name and address were made public, Both are BBC As Bloomberg Spoke to the site and his mother and father. The couple assured that they knew nothing about the alleged actions against their son. He never talks about hacker attacks, but he is “very good at computers and spends a lot of time on computers”. “I always thought he was playing,” his father was quoted as saying by the BBC. Now he has announced that he wants to keep him out of his computer. Competitors, who made his name public, said he had collected 300 bitcoins (currently about $ 14 million) as soon as his attacks began.

The Lapsus $ team is relatively new and has made quite a name for itself over the past few weeks. The Portuguese media group is said to be responsible for the attacks on Nvidia, Ubisoft and most recently Microsoft and access management service provider Okta. Investigators have identified seven suspected members of the group, Bloomberg said before being arrested. One of the youths involved is said to be living in Brazil. While the team is very good at targeting companies and hacking their networks, they are not good at covering up their tracks, viewers agree. The group said goodbye to their telegram channel on Wednesday until the end of March.


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