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Hacker attack on Ukraine: US blames Russia

Washington. According to the US government, Russia is responsible for the recent hacking of several Ukrainian websites. This affected the Ministry of Defense and several state-owned banks earlier in the week.

“We believe the Russian government is responsible for the large-scale cyber attacks on Ukrainian banks this week,” US Assistant National Security Adviser Ann Newberger told the White House on Friday.

The impact of the attack was minimal. However, he said that if Russia invades Ukraine, more serious cyber attacks can be expected. Great Britain also said in the evening that, according to its findings, Russia would be behind the hacker attacks.

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Tuesday’s attack is said to be a DDoS attack. A large number of requests on websites will be loaded and eventually shut down. In some cases, card payments from government banks do not work.

As recently as January, the websites of dozens of Ukrainian ministries and agencies were shut down; Kiev suspected a Russian attack in the background.