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Haas VF-23 design rendering by Nico Hulkenberg

1:26 p.m

Who is showing Formula 1 2023 on TV?

We’ll get back to you after the lunch break, and of course many readers would like to know where to see Formula 1 2023 on TV. As in previous years, Sky will be the first port of call, with all of the season’s races being broadcast live.

On the other hand, RTL is out. The Cologne broadcaster has ended its cooperation with Sky. Who will be the new TV Partner in Free TV is currently still open. There are many more names floating around, but these are all just rumors at the moment.

All Formula 1 fans who do not have a Sky subscription should be patient. However, individual races should also be available on free TV again in 2023.

12:23 p.m

Speaking of Minardi…

It reminds me of this photo series, which I let you go on a short lunch break!

Photo gallery: The 10 worst Formula 1 cars of the millennium

12:16 p.m

Haas following in the footsteps of Minardi?

Haas is now in 144 Formula 1 races. Why is this number interesting? Because there has only been one other team in the history of the Premier Division that has competed in more races without finishing on the podium.

Minardi is No. 1 in this ranking with an incredible 340 starts without a single place on the podium. Haas is already late. Unlike Minardi, however, Haas still has a chance to have his name removed from this classification.

Because when the first podium was finally done for the Faenza team, it was no longer Minardi but Toro Rosso. Sebastian Vettel took first place on the podium at Monza in 2008 …

12:04 p.m

Will the launch fall below the budget limit?

In terms of the financial rules of Formula 1, the question of whether car presentations fall below the budget limit is of course also exciting. Because of course you can save a lot of money if you offer the car online.

But that doesn’t matter, because launches are PR events and don’t fall under the budget cap. This is of course also in the spirit of Formula 1, because big presentations increase the interest of fans.

That’s why you can spend a lot of money here!

11:46 a.m

Bottas criticizes the supervision of the International Automobile Federation

Political messages in Formula 1 In the future only FIA approval is allowed. Logically, not all drivers are like that. Valtteri Bottas, for example, says: “I don’t understand why they want to control us.” contrast.

“We should have the right to speak whatever we want,” he says, emphasizing that, in fact, he does not like politics. But Formula 1 is able to focus on the tough issues. By the way, Helmut Marko also feels the same way.

About the new FIA directive it says in “RTL”: “This is clearly wrong. They are responsible citizens in the eyes of the public and know how and what to say.” In a democracy, everyone is allowed to express their opinions.

11:25 a.m

Will cars still be this heavy?

In fact, the minimum weight for Formula 1 cars should drop slightly in 2023, i.e. from 798 to 796 kg. Still hard enough, but colleagues from “auto motor und sport” report So far this minimum reduction will not come.

It is claimed that the minimum weight will remain the same this year. Exciting: the new value has already already been defined in the 2023 Technical Regulations. In the December 2022 edition, Article 4.1 still reads:

“The mass of the car without fuel must not be less than 796 kg at all times during the competition.”

Apparently this paragraph will now be changed again.

10:27 a.m

Nico Hulkenberg Career

… We summed it up for you in this series of images. We’re already excited to see what entries we can add in 2023!

Photo Gallery: Nico Hulkenberg: Milestones in his Career

10:19 a.m

car art

Is someone trying to steal the spotlight from Haas? 😉 Alfa Romeo just showed off a new paint job. However, it is only an “art car” that we probably (unfortunately) won’t see on a racetrack in this color scheme.

Created in collaboration with graffiti artist Boogie. It doesn’t mean anything to me personally, but admittedly I’m also corny in that regard… I think the car is very neat!

10:08 a.m


Haas starts today, but how will Formula 1 presentations continue after that? Here’s the full calendar for the coming weeks:

January 31: Haas
February 3: Red Bull
February 6: Williams
February 7: Alfa Romeo
February 11: AlphaTauri
February 13: McLaren
February 13: Aston Martin
February 14th: Ferrari
February 15th: Mercedes
February 16: Alps

Of course we will be at first with a ticker for you every day. More details on individual launches can be found here!

10:03 a.m

Speaking of the XI team…

By the way, I also discussed the question of whether the eleventh team will help Formula 1 with hosts Kevin Shoren and Sophie Affeldt in the new issue of “The Starting Grid”. The full podcast episode is here!

09:54 am

Montoya does not believe in the XI

Because we’ve already touched on the subject: Juan Pablo Montoya believes that Haas will remain the youngest team in Formula 1. In other words: he can’t imagine that Michael Andretti and his racing team will make it to Formula 1.

“I’d like to see them on the grid,” Montoya said. “But I don’t think that’s going to happen.” Andretti’s only chance is to buy an existing team. He doesn’t believe in the 11th race team and makes it clear that it doesn’t provide any added value anyway.

“When you watch a Formula 1 race, you don’t even see half of the cars on TV,” he explains. If the XI comes through, the others will lose valuable TV time again. “You have to remember that Formula 1 is a business,” said Montoya.

Everyone wants to make money on Formula 1. In this regard, more cars are more of a disadvantage than an advantage.

9:40 a.m

Highlights on social media

Even if we go back to “normal” cursor mode today, we wouldn’t want to withhold the best photos from social media from you this Tuesday either! Here are some impressions of George Russell & Company:

09:27 am

Marko: Selling Formula 1 to Saudi Arabia will be difficult

Saudi Arabia is said to be interested in buying Formula 1. Helmut Marko does not find this prospect exciting. “I don’t think it would be a good thing if you go to a country that is culturally different from where most of the races are,” said Marko. corresponding “RTL”.

“In general, it’s a business matter, and that probably happens with someone who meets the criteria of normal corporate law, if you want to put it that way,” Austrian explains. A possible sale has recently led to tensions between the FIA ​​and Formula 1.