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Yvonne completely lose her sight!

GZSZ Weekly Preview from December 13, 2021: iPhone will be completely blind


December 13, 2021 – 8:26 am hour

Joe and Yvonne’s journey ends in a nightmare

Before Joe Gerner (Wolfgang Bahru) He should start his sentenceHe and his wife want Iphone (Jesa Zack) spends as much time as possible together. A camping trip was overshadowed by a massive shocking moment: Yvonne completely loses her sight! We show the dramatic scenes above in the first part of GZSZ’s weekly preview.

The second and third part of the weekly preview with GZSZ actor Timur Ülkern You can also see it here – just scroll down.

Lily gives the slain Emily a bad spell

Paul (Nichlas Osterloh) cheated on his wife Emily (Anne Minden). Layla (Iris Marek Steen) doesn’t know that her friend has been cheated on. This causes some scandal at the girls’ TV evening. Unaware of the facts, Lily gives her friend a bad saying. Emily is so hurt by it that she just wants to escape, as evidenced by Part 2 of GZSZ’s weekly preview.

GZSZ always in advance a week before TV broadcast

GZSZ always in advance a week before TV broadcast

Kayan makes a big mistake when it comes to Nazan

entity (pessim breeze) I decided nazan (Veldan Serpan) and her broken heart to conquer. That’s why he plans to invite her on a luxurious romantic trip. It’s a pity that an entity was bragging before John (Felix von Gashyrov) and Eric (Patrick Heinrich) knocks out a real macho saying. Because Nazan sees everything behind his back. In the third part of GZSZ’s weekly preview, you can see how Kian makes a mistake unintentionally, but with repetition.

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