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GZSZ star Ulrike Frank refrains from doing it in bed

Pillow talk in podcasts

GZSZ star Ulrike Frank refrains from doing it in bed

In the new GZSZ podcast, Ulrike Frank reveals the things that don’t come to her in bed.


Ulrik Frank had to sort things out

Who Ulrike can no longer imagine living in her bedroom without her husband, Mark Schöbring. The two were of the same heart and soul and have been married for over 20 years. While she no longer wants to miss her husband in bed, she has withheld some things, as she says on the new GZSZ podcast: “I think a lot when I go to sleep at night. But I’ve successfully trained myself away from that.”

The actress continues: “It’s also called mental health, that some things simply don’t have a place on the bed. We don’t have TV anymore either, I don’t read things on the internet anymore or I’m active on social media. It’s all over then and I can sleep well.”

Ulrike Frank speaks more than her new sewing box GZSZ podcast. Be sure to listen!

Click here to watch the full podcast episode with Ulrike Frank


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