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GZSZ: Nazan learns the truth about Kayan - and maps out the consequences

GZSZ: Nazan learns the truth about Kayan – and maps out the consequences

A few days ago, Nazan (Veldan Serban, 31) and Kian (Naseem Avat, 32) met at thegood times bad timesLooking at the word ‘yes.’ Kayan surprised his fiancée with a small spontaneous wedding. But they can’t enjoy young marital bliss because Kayan is in big trouble – and Nazan finally finds out what her new husband is already doing for a living.

GZSZ Preview: Entity wants to leave Berlin

Bajan Linostrami wants to get rid of his partner and has put a contract killer on Kian. Laura (Chryssanthi Kavazi, 33), who spies on Linostrami, discovers the matter – and Joe (Wolfgang Bahru, 61) He could not help but warn an entity. And that’s despite the fact that he handed it over to Linostrame! “It’s not my way to walk over corpses, and neither are you,” he says Yes Gerner His stepdaughter clearly.

Entity in shock. His life is in dangerHis work was done, and his wife had no idea any of this. He allied himself with Laura and Joe, but abandoned them at the last moment and decided to leave Berlin. When Nazan grabbed him just before he left, he had no choice but to tell her the truth.

Nazan feels betrayed. She cries as she asks advice from Tony (Olivia Marie, 32), who already suspects Kian of wrongdoing. But at the last moment, an entity appeared in the apartment. Can he convince Nazan not to betray him? And is she likely to leave town with him? GZSZ viewers can see how it’s happening every day at 7:40pm on RTL.