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Gutron is back in first place - ZSC's crisis worsens

Gutron is back in first place – ZSC’s crisis worsens

Storm Friborg-Gutron is back at the top of the stream.


Friborg-Gotron regained first place in the National League. Freiburg defeated the ZSC Lions 4: 3 at home after a penalty shootout, and thanks to Zug’s extra point, he replaced them as captain.

ZSC also failed to win the undecided match after 60 minutes at their fourth attempt of the season. Dennis Malgin and John Quinville met in a penalty shootout on the Zurich side, while three of the five shooters at Friborg scored Kilian Mutit, Matthias Rossi and David Descharnais.

Thanks to a fifth straight win, Guteron is now one point ahead of the second-placed Zoggers and the Rapperswil-Jonah Lakers, who have two more games.

In the duel between the two teams that represented Switzerland in the last 16 of the Champions Hockey League in the past few weeks, the ZSC showed a clear improvement over Saturday’s 1:4 in Davos, but the Zurich team missed that, despite three times evidence of closing the sack . Swede Daniel Prudden of Guteron scored just four minutes before the end of normal time to equal 3:3 and give 8,017 spectators a thrilling final stage.

Vengeance will take place on Tuesday at Hallenstadion. ZSC, on paper contender for the No. 1 title, urgently needs points so as not to slip into the bottom half of the table. ZSC coach Rikard Grunborg can no longer withstand many defeats. The Lions have won only three of the last eight matches of the tournament.


Friborg Gutieron – ZSC Lions 4:3 (1:2, 1:1, 1:0, 0:0) nP

8017 spectators. – S. R. Stricker / Hungerbühler, Gnemmi / Stalder. – Goals: 1. (0:49) Gering (Azevedo, Quinville) 0: 1. 4. Rossi (Jorg) 1: 1. 14. Chris Baltisberger (Andregueto) 1: 2. 23. Gunderson (Proden) 2: 2 25. Martí (Malgin) 2: 3.57. Prudden 3: 3. – penalty kicks: Mutt 1:0, Hollenstein -; de Domenico -, Baltisberger -; Rossi 2-0, Malgin 2-1; Descharnet 3:1, Quinville 3:2; Schmid -, Andregetto -. Penalties: 1 time and 2 minutes against Friborg-Gutrun, 4 times and 2 minutes against the ZSC Lions. PostFinance top scorer: Di Domenico. Malgin.

Friborg – Gutron: Beira; Gunderson, Chavilas; Sutter, Furer-Diaz, Gicker. Dufner. Marchon, Descharnat, Mottet; Pruden, Schmid, De Domenico; Rossi, Secret, Jörg; Bougrou, Hosner, Gubin.

Black ZSC: Weber. Weber, Gering; Norro, Marty; Troutman, Phil Baltisberger; Joby. Segerst, Malgin, Andregueto; Azevedo, Krueger, Quinville; Chris Baltisberger, Deem, Holenstein; Soba, Shabi, Bachmann; Eichlemann.

Comments: Friborg-Guteron without Piko and Sprunger (both injured), ZSC Lions without Bodenmann, Morant, Pedretti, Reddy, Roy (all injured) and Fuller (sick).