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Gut Behrami snatches the ball away from Brignone – alpine skiing

Lara Gut-Behrami got the Super Crystal. © Ansa / Guillaume Horcajuelo

There was a touching final match in the Women’s Super-G final this season. In the end, Lara Gut-Behrami snatched the small crystal ball away from Federica Brignone.

The starting position before the last Super GV Soldeu couldn’t be more exciting. With Elena Cortoni, Lara Gut Behrami, Cornelia Hutter, Ragnhild Moenkel and Federica Brignone, five women had a realistic chance of winning the mini-ball. In the end, Gut Behrami won the race. The Swiss scored an excellent performance in great conditions, catching Brignone and claiming her fourth World Cup with a win that day.

In the end, Gut Behrami beat Brignone by 45 points. The Italian raced for second on Thursday. Brignone missed out on potential victory at the top of the course. Below were the fastest. However, if Prignone had won, Gut Behrami would have been runner-up anyway to Super J Crystal.

Second place in the race and in the Super-G World Cup: Federica Brignone. © Ansa / Guillaume Horcajuelo

Third place in the last Super G of the season was Ragnhild Moenkel. Other Italians Sofia Goggia (seventh), Marta Pacino (eighth) and Elena Cortone (tenth) also rounded out the top ten. However, this was a disappointment for Cortone as it meant that she missed her first ball. The Soldeu Finals will continue immediately afterwards (from 11:30 am) with the Men’s Super-G.