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Gut Bahrami's coach kidnapped?: Odermatt speaks about Kounde's new coach: “It did not go well”

Gut Bahrami's coach kidnapped?: Odermatt speaks about Kounde's new coach: “It did not go well”

Marco Odermatt: “The diaries are just for me”

Marco Odermatt had a successful World Cup season. His memoirs also contribute to his success. The 26-year-old speaks to Blue Sport about the matter.

April 12, 2024

Marco Odermatt let the cat out of the bag at the press conference and confirmed that he will work with Alejo Hervas, Lara Gut-Bahrami's former fitness coach, in the future.

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  • Marco Odermatt can count on a new fitness coach in the future. After his separation from Kurt Kothbauer, Alejo Hervas takes care of this distinguished pilot.
  • Until recently, Hervas was Lara Gut-Bahrami's conditioning coach. However, the collaboration came to an unpleasant end during the season finale in Saalbach.
  • “It didn't go well,” Odermatt admits when asked about it and explains why he can still stand behind it.

Four crystal balls and 13 victories – Marco Odermatt has really enjoyed the World Cup winter and is the man to beat in the super-G, downhill and giant slalom. However, he told a news conference in Engelberg on Friday: “There is always potential, you can always improve.”

In order to skate better and faster in the future, Odermatt is relying on new impulses in his fitness training and parting ways with his long-time comrade Kurt Kothbauer, who explains the amicable move as follows: “From my point of view, I got the best from Marko. I don't know how to make it better. That's why Marco needs new input from another coach.

Infamous ending with Jot Bahrami

At the media tour on Friday, Marco Odermatt confirmed that he had indeed found a successor for Kothbauer. “Alejo Hervás and our technical team will work together in the future,” he confirmed when asked by the SDA. The Spaniard was most recently Lara Gut-Bahrami's fitness coach – until the collaboration ended at the end of the season in Saalbach in mid-March.

Alejo Hervas is Marco Odermatt's new fitness coach.


Because the Ticino woman knew that Hervas was about to move to the Swiss men's ski team, she pulled the rope and sent the 48-year-old, who once announced that he would accompany Gut Behrami until the end of her career, home during the World Cup final. “When you work closely together, you need trust and loyalty,” the 32-year-old explained. He added: “You have other agreements in the back, yes, and then the basis for further cooperation is simply gone.”

“Then you can throw the textbook into the sea.”

“It didn't go well,” Odermatt admits. But the World Cup winner stresses: “We always acted correctly and that's why I can stand behind it. I felt sorry for Alejo because he was about to send him home. But everyone does it the way they think is right.

It was important for him to bring someone with a lot of experience into the team. “He knows what it means to win races and how long the days are. I don't need anyone to tell me that the textbook says this and that. When you have five races in five days, you can throw the book out very quickly and you have to listen to your body. Regeneration is the priority.”

At the end of April, Odermatt will travel to Spain with Gino Caviezel and Justin Morisier. “Not only are we going on vacation, we're staying at our new fitness trainer's house for a few more days,” Odermatt reveals, joking about their first meeting: “I hope we're not too strict yet.”