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Guess the major renovations of UBS on Paradeplatz

Guess the major renovations of UBS on Paradeplatz

UBS was at the end of 2020 via NZZ She launched her most important construction project. “UBS is planning a big hit on Paradeplatz,” the newspaper wrote, “there has been an opening to the public.”

The bank “doesn’t want to waste any time,” it said nearly two years ago, “should start work in the fall of 2021.”

Nothing can be seen from this to this day. A shopping and gastronomic temple designed by eminent architects Herzog & de Meuron, with a planned opening at the end of 2024: it’s a long way off.

what happened?

Where are the diggers? (IP, 6/22/22)

The bank goes to the diving station. “Thank you for your enquiry, but we will not comment,” says the headquarters, a few hundred meters from the planned construction site below the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich.

It is clear that UBS, as announced in an NZZ article at the end of 2020, submitted a construction order in the spring of 2021. This was subsequently completed by a second, as stated at the request of the construction authority in the city of Zurich.

“We have received my building order for the project at Paradeplatz 6, which will be in August 2021 Advertised to the public Their spokeswoman said yesterday.

“Building decisions for the orders have not yet been made. For any additional information about the project, you will need to contact the builder.”

On the page linked to the Building Authority, the date August 20, 2022 is written under the heading “Expected Expiry Date” for my two building orders, which will be within 11 days.

The project will likely devour an average three-figure sum. Almost everything except the interface mentioned should be new.

The fact that, despite the upcoming deadline, no excavators have reached Paradeplatz and that UBS is keeping a low profile may be a sign of a change in plans.

Is this related to the new management team? The new chairman comes from the USA and takes over in the spring.

Change plans at headquarters? (IP)

CEO, Ralph Hammers of the Netherlands, was the new CEO at the time the Paradeplatz project was announced at the end of 2020. The project inherited from its predecessor Sergio Ermotti.

Together with Axel Weber, then president, he already had the headquarters at Bahnhofstrasse 45 in Zurich in one Marble mansion with gym Turned into senior management – for an estimated 300 million francs.

Who knows what strategy the new top duo will follow with the main characteristics of the bank.

There was no comment from the architects in Basel. There was silence at the knee of the Rhine yesterday and last week in response to several inquiries.