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Guatemala Introduces a plan to return to school safely – Brenza Latin

The initiative marks the launch of the ‘Together for Safe Attendance for Classes’ program launched in August last year to create ethical and life-saving spaces in public centers for a definite attendance at face-to-face classes.

Intervening at an event at the Ministry of Education headquarters, Geomety recalled that the school year was halted with its future consequences, one of the most difficult decisions he had made on March 16, 2020 to mitigate the spread of the new corona virus. This country.

He acknowledged the poor condition of many schools and cited, as an example, his recent experience of going to the Adjacencia area in the field of Beton.

“We’re going to do schools as God thinks,” he said, referring to a place where conditions are horrible, to the extent that he compares it to a chicken coop.

The government encourages repair or construction of headquarters, many of which were destroyed by the end of 2020 when Hurricane Etta and Iota passed.

It is estimated that the kits with the team of disinfectant products are expected to reach 17 thousand centers for the benefit of 2.5 thousand students, thanks to the cooperation of national organizations involved in this effort.

Ruiz, for his part, stressed the existence of health ethics and standards to ensure that children do not stop studying, and stressed the role of teachers during forced suspension by the epidemic.

“We have the support and desire of public sector teachers who have made wonderful efforts to maintain the education system in the current conditions and have made the necessary changes,” he recalled.

Now, it is theirs to teach students what are the best defense forms against Govt-19, he said.

The 2021 public school year began on February 22 with a hybrid system of face-to-face and distance classes, but with uncertainty due to lack of internet access, only 29.3 percent of the population will be able to connect to the network.

Teaching takes place in small groups and each municipality complies with the regulations imposed by the color of the health warnings of the Covit-19 traffic light.

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