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GTA 6: Insider Predicts Grand Theft Auto Series

GTA 6: Insider Predicts Grand Theft Auto Series

GTA 6 release early 2023 Insider offers tips on Twitter

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GTA 6 may be the last installment in the Rockstar series of games, according to insider reports. Tom Henderson shocks Grand Theft Auto fans with his theory.

New York – GTA 6* It is one of the most awaited games. fans GT*The series hopes to announce it soon, but Rockstar Games remains silent. The fact that there will be a successor to the Grand Theft Auto series is based on pure speculation by fans. After all, GTA 5 Online was released almost eight years ago. The insider is sure that another part can be expected. Why After GTA 6, you must finish*, I showed*.

Shock for fans: GTA 6 will indeed be the culmination of the series rock games* Form? If fans have their way, the franchise could certainly produce many new titles. Tom Henderson, however, disagrees. Insiders predicted the end of the series on gaming site DualShockers. Especially considering the time that Rockstar Games has left to pass since GTA 5 Online without announcing a new title, it shows a clear path for it: The team from New York won’t release the new game until 2024 at the earliest, so the final part of the series let’s get started. – * is a show of IPPEN.MEDIA.