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GSC achieved 3rd place in Sports Stars in Lower Saxony

GSC achieved 3rd place in Sports Stars in Lower Saxony

The Garbsener Sport Club (GSC) took third place in the “Stars des Sports” competition in Lower Saxony for its project “Sport as an opportunity”. The competition for social participation in sports clubs is considered the “Oscar of Popular Sports”. Six sports clubs from Lower Saxony have reached the state final. GSC submitted its application to Hannoversche Volksbank. With sport as an opportunity”, GSC cooperates with Per-Mertesacker-Stiftung and specifically wants to promote the players of the girls’ soccer team.

Many of them come from socially disadvantaged and socially disadvantaged families, and many girls have a history of emigration. Sports and education are closely related to the project. For ten years, children and youth benefit sustainably from team football, individual learning support from grades 1 to 10, and language lessons.

3rd place brings 1000 euros

“In addition, there are social and political issues included in the programme,” says Hannovrich Volksbank. Through youth-friendly participation formulas, girls learn how to deal with German history, aspects of democracy and differences with other countries.

“We are very proud of this award and recognition of our commitment,” said Porcu Kaya, initiator of the project at Garbsener SC: “We are continuing and are already preparing for the next project.” Third place among the “Sports Stars.”

“Sports clubs such as Garbsener SC are important role models for the site,” said Dirk Heinrich, regional director of Hannoversche Volksbank. “You are making a huge contribution to social cohesion.”

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