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Group24 expands its central location on Schüringsweg: a space has been created for a new business district - Gescher

Group24 expands its central location on Schüringsweg: a space has been created for a new business district – Gescher

The Group24 team is currently working with 950 sq.m office space, as well as 3000 sq.m warehouse. With the upcoming expansion, the storage area on the site will be doubled to 6,000 square meters. In addition to the existing 950 square meters of space, an additional 200 square meters of office space will be created for 70 employees – with options for further expansion.

Group24 is currently achieving significant growth, especially in existing business, IT sales and IT consulting. “There is also a growing demand for managed service and IT development issues. In addition, we are developing more areas of business that we need space for. This is why we are expanding our team: With a training attack, we rely on potential professionals from within our ranks and are looking for More professionals, especially in the areas of IT consulting, IT support, applications and software development. ” Mark Eisman and Christian Hornhouse, both of whom are members of the group24 board of directors.

From group24’s point of view, the Coronavirus pandemic and the trend towards home offices are not a reason to suspend the required expansion or tackle the problem more slowly – on the contrary: “The current situation is an accelerating factor for the growth of our entrepreneurship. Because IT consulting in all aspects of digitization and centralization has been since Long period is an important core of our business for clients, ”

In the post-Coronavirus period, a combination of online and offline meetings will determine everyday work. Therefore Group24 is building an important bridge with the current property planning and will continue to offer a mix of possibilities to the teams in the future – with Gescher as the main focus: “Gescher has been the home of our company for six years. Good infrastructure with optical fibers, highway connections and excellent network has made Collaborating companies It’s easy for us to get here: “We want to build on this and drive our growth further – with a sustainable corporate headquarters that provides a lot of space for real exchange,” says Mark Eisman.

That is why it is already clear to Group 24: the current enlargement is only a temporary case. In addition to the current construction work, Group 24 plans to construct a new building with additional office space adjacent to the existing properties in order to go towards the future in Gesher in the long term.