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Green text in iMessage encourages teens to buy iPhones

Green text in iMessage encourages teens to buy iPhones

The color coding of text messages on the iPhone has become an indicator of the status of many young people.

who – which An apple Text messages in his program iMessage in a Green color or blue Apparently, depending on whether it was sent from an Apple device or not, it seems to lead many young people to switch from Android devices to iPhone, Apple Insider Reports Referring to a Reportage des Wall Street Journal (Payment wall).

If text messages are shown in green on iPhone, then it means they were sent from Android devices. Many young people will find this negative. Color-coding of SMS communications in iMessage for Apple software is for pointer become, as stated in the report. So young people will feel pressure to switch to iPhones so that their text messages are shown in blue.

This also relates to the fact that school and university students in the USA mostly use iPhones. Some functions in group chats do not work or work poorly on non-Apple devices. It is said that the pressure to switch to iPhones will also increase.

“Oh, my God, his words are green.”

This goes to the extent that dating decisions are also made based on the color of text messages. One student said she was mocked by friends when a potential suitor was using Android. It was said, “Oh my God his scripts are green,” the Wall Street Journal quotes the master’s student.

The report said Apple must recognize the importance of color coding and the social pressures that come with it. In the game manufacturer Epic against Apple, the importance of iMessage has been raised Referred toTo keep users connected to the Apple ecosystem. Apple’s ban of the Android version of iMessage, according to two senior Apple executives, was also addressed in the lawsuit.