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Green Lithium plans a lithium refinery in the UK

Green Lithium plans a lithium refinery in the UK

Lithium processor Green Lithium has announced plans for the UK’s first lithium refinery in the north of the UK. For the project, the company is collaborating with raw materials trader Trophygura.

The latter is to supply lithium for further processing in the factory and to invest an unknown amount in green lithium. Partially funded by the grant: In the last year Green Lithium received a grant of £ 631,000 from the Advanced Motivation Center to produce battery quality lithium hydroxide in the UK.

At the time, however, there was no definitive information about the project. This is different now: construction of the plant is scheduled to begin next year, and production is scheduled to begin in 2024. By 2026, the plant is expected to reach full capacity and produce 50,000 tons of battery quality lithium products for European electric vehicle and battery manufacturers. However, the exact location is not yet known.

It is clear from the new agreement that Trafigura, a metal trader in Singapore, will supply the unprocessed raw material to Green Lithium. It is not known where or in what form the lithium was previously cut.

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“It’s very exciting. The question we are always asked is, where do you get your raw material from?” Sean Sergeant, CEO of Green Lithium, was quoted in the UK media as saying. “It’s very exciting to have Trophygura as a part of the team.” The sergeant said the Green Lithium refinery would bring security of supply to Europe. It is also said that the processed material there has a “very low carbon footprint” than the processed material in China.

“This important project is at this critical juncture in the EV production and revolutionary energy transformation in the European supply chain for sustainable energy storage,” said Socrates Economo, global leader in battery metals at Trophygura.,,