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Great graphics in GTA 6: Insider promises realism

Great graphics in GTA 6: Insider promises realism

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the next big title from developer Rockstar Games. According to an inside source, GTA 6’s graphics should kick fans out of their socks.

New York – Grand Theft Auto fans can’t wait for the next big title to be released. when GTA 6 From rock games However, it will be released is not yet known. In turn, more and more information about the next branch of the popular game series has appeared for a few weeks. Now a well-known insider has new details about the drawings GT 6 SUBSCRIBE AND CONFIRMED: The graphics will stun fans away.

game name Grand Theft Auto VI
Version (date of first publication) To be announced
Publishers rock games
series grand theft auto
platforms PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC (unconfirmed)
Developer Rockstar North
Type Open world, action and adventure

GTA 6: Realistic Graphics Inside

Insider talks about graphics: Officially, not much is known about the next big title from New York game development studio Rockstar Games. At a conference, however, the developer admitted Big plans for GTA 6 to have. So Rockstar wants to set a whole new standard with the next “Grand Theft Auto” game and put all the previous games in the shadows.

GTA 6: Insider promises realism – great graphics should blow fans away

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These massive plans will also match information recently shared by well-known Tez2 insiders. Tez2 is a well-known character in the GTA community and has already earned a lot of trust from fans. Recently he said that GTA 6 is packed with more DLCs A must have – including other cities. In addition, the graphics of GTA 6 must be stylized:

A former Rockstar developer mentioned it to a friend [GTA 6] You will use a lot of photo-realistic

Tez2 via GTA Forums

The realistic graphics in GTA 6 could mean the use of new and improved ray tracing features, overhauled textures and assets, and of course fans can also look forward to completely new innovations.

It is not possible to verify the amount of truth in the Tez2 statement. However, it is almost certain that GTA 6 will look amazing. After all, the developer from New York managed to impress graphics fans with their latest title, Red Dead Redemption 2. The developer studio definitely wants to go beyond this particular benchmark with GTA 6.

List of rules: © IMAGO / Westend61 / Reddit: MaNu9564 (montage)