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Great concern about another operation

Great concern about another operation

Great concern for Princess Charlene of Monaco: the wife of Prince Albert II had to undergo another surgery in South Africa.

The basics in brief

  • Princess Charlene of Monaco underwent surgery again in South Africa on Friday morning.
  • According to the palace, the operation was “four hours under general anesthesia.”
  • During the recovery phase, the twins and Prince Albert will be by her side.

Big concern for Princess Charlene von Monaco: the 43-year-old is in the hospital again. As the Monaco Prince announced, the 63-year-old wife of Prince Albert had to undergo another surgery on Friday morning.

Fortunately, everything went according to plan. Prince Albert gave a sweet update that evening: “Operation went well, Princess Charlene is at rest and we think about her with affection.”

Charlene has had severe ear, nose and throat infections for months. She has been stuck in her native South Africa for three months because she was strictly prohibited from returning to her home country.

She recently told the radio station “Radio 702 South Africa” ​​that she is still Until the end of October in South Africa It should stay: “My ear pressure doesn’t stabilize, so I can’t fly more than 20,000 feet (6,100 metres)”.

Charlene von Monaco receives a visit from the family

A severe ear, nose and throat infection caused my first surgery in some time – and now a new one. According to the palace’s official announcement, it was one A four-hour operation under general anaesthesia.

According to Nice Matin, you will also be Prince Albert this year twins Jack and Gabriella (6) stand by their side during their recovery. This visit is said to have been planned for a few weeks – but is now being served.

For Charlene von Monaco, seeing her family again would definitely be a welcome change. The princess was not separated from her children for long.

In a recent interview with South African channel Channel24, she said, “It’s a difficult time for me. I miss my husband and children very much.”

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