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Great Britain wants to regulate strikes by law

Great Britain wants to regulate strikes by law

Faced with a wave of public sector strikes, the British government wants to ensure minimum delivery in the ambulance service and other critical areas. The bill will be introduced in Parliament in the coming weeks.

The aim of the scheme is to ensure that basic commodities are always guaranteed even during strikes. Major focus is on fire brigade, ambulance and railway services. Economy Secretary Grant Shabbs said it was important to restore balance between those striking and protecting the public from disproportionate disruption.

There were walkouts almost every day in December – from railway workers to nursing staff. Considering the recent high inflation of 10.7 percent, workers are demanding better wages.

Given the wave of strikes, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak faces his first major test in months. The government said it would invite unions to “honest, constructive negotiations” on public sector pay deals for 2023 and 2024 in a bid to end the strikes early.