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Great Britain wants to introduce entry permits based on the US model

The only exceptions are Irish citizens and people living in Great Britain. In a keynote address on Monday, Patel said it was about recording who is in the country and who has exceeded the allowable length. In addition, applicants must undergo a security check.

The new rule, which is due to come into force by 2025, is part of a larger plan by which the conservative politician wants to fundamentally reform the country’s entry rules, which he believes are “broken”. How much to pay for applications in the future and whether they should be done separately for each trip, Patel has yet to respond.

Britons traveling in the Schengen area will also have to apply for a permit from next year. However, it is valid for up to three years and for multiple trips. Once Brexit ends at the beginning of the year, EU citizens will be able to travel to Great Britain for tourism purposes for up to six months. Anyone who wants to live and work in the country needs a visa. This does not apply to EU citizens who enter the country by the end of 2020 and apply for the right to stay by the end of June 2021.

Among other things, Patel is planning changes to the law to make it impossible for asylum seekers to seek asylum. In fact, asylum seekers who come to Great Britain only as part of an admission program and as part of family reunification will receive it. UN The refugee organization UNHCR has already strongly criticized the plans in advance, with London calling on the UN. Warned that there was a risk of violating the Refugee Convention.