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Great Britain wants to bring the first asylum seekers to Rwanda in two weeks

Great Britain wants to bring the first asylum seekers to Rwanda in two weeks

The British government plans to bring in the first illegal immigrants to Rwanda in two weeks under the controversial new law.

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  • The first flight is scheduled for June 14.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said on Tuesday that the first flight of asylum seekers to Rwanda was scheduled for June 14. At the same time, Patel admitted that he expects lawsuits against the new law. But she will not let that stop her and “is determined to deliver what the British public expects”.

According to the Interior Ministry, the first asylum seekers have already been deported to Rwanda. There they must receive a “generous support package” that includes five years of training, housing and health care.

Englishman Government In April it presented its controversial plan to bring immigrants to Rwanda based on the agreement between London and Kigali. This will prevent people from attempting to enter the UK illegally.

According to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson “Tens of thousands” of asylum seekers and immigrants may be brought to Rwanda. Johnson described Rwanda as “one of the safest countries in the world” and has gained global recognition for “welcoming and co-ordinating” immigrants. However, according to observers, the human rights situation in the East African country is excellent. Human rights groups have filed lawsuits against deportation plans.

Preventing illegal immigration is one of Johnson’s key promises before taking office in 2019. However, during his tenure, the number of immigrants crossing the English Channel into England by boat reached record levels.

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